We are regularly on the web and looking for new important and great websites. Here you will find our link collection, which we have compiled for you.


Patients and Parents’ associations.

Italian web site dedicated to interstitial lung disease.

The International Association of Medical Genetics “MAGI” is a non profit organization that particularly support researches in screening for mutations and analysis of gene expression in rare genetic diseases.

The PAP Foundation is a non-profit patient advocacy organization dedicated to finding a cure and to improving the lives of those affected by PAP.

General Informations

General informations about PAP.


Medical Societes and Organizations all about PAP.

The portal for rare diseases and orphan drugs.

The topics WASOG is focussing on interstitial and rare lung diseases.

Reference Centers and Experts

Reference centres for diagnosis and treatment of PAP in children and in adults all over the world.

Director of the Rare Lung Diseases Clinical Research Foundation. Dr. Trapnell’s research interests are focused to the pathogenesis and therapy of rare lung diseases and mechanisms by which GM-CSF regulates innate immunity and lung host defense.

This is the italian reference centre for PAP,specialized in diagnostic, basis research and new therapy-reference person Dr. M. Luisetti.

This is the link of the Ruhrlandklinik, University of Essen, Germany European Excellence Centre for the diagnosis and treatment of Alveolar Proteinosis.

This is the Dutch reference centre for PAP, specialized in PAP care: diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic trials; and host of the national Dutch PAP biobank for basic and translational research. Reference person Dr. Marcel Veltkamp.